Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney Sooner Than Later

Do not put off talking to an attorney after a car crash. The insurance companies start building a case against you the instant your crash is reported. You need an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney on your side and protecting your interests from day one.

The insurance companies will want to talk to you about the accident and often will use your statements against you. However, when you have legal representation, your attorney handles the insurance companies for you.

In addition, in many auto accidents, evidence can be quickly lost or destroyed. We begin investigating immediately and preserve the evidence.

Beware of Quick Offers from the Insurance Company

If the insurance company offers you a quick payout, be very leery. It is tempting to take what you can as soon as you can, but if you accept their offer, you sign away your right to future compensation. If you have been seriously injured, the full extent of your damages may not be known for some time.

  • What are your full initial medical expenses, and will your medical expenses be ongoing?
  • Will you be able to return to work, and if so, will you be able to earn as much as you did before your injury?
  • Will your injuries result in permanent impairment, of lifelong pain?
  • There are many other questions like these that could significantly impact your financial compensation.

Answering these questions takes time. We often work with medical experts, economists and other experts to determine the life-long costs of your injuries and the full value of your claim.

To learn more about how we can help after a Las Vegas car accident, please call Adam Smith Law at 702-929-2289 or email us. Your consultation is free, and if we represent you, we only get paid if you get paid.

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