Who Is at Fault When a Bike Hits a Car?

Accidents involving bikes, cars, or other motor vehicles can often have disastrous consequences for the cyclists in particular. But even though it may be common for cars to hit bikes, and not vice versa, it’s not unheard of for the opposite to happen. 

Wondering who is at fault when a bike hits a car? Read on to learn more about determining fault and how a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help.

Determining Fault when a Bike Strikes a Car

In any personal injury action, determining which party is at fault is always a central point. In some cases, both parties may bear some blame. In others, it may be less ambiguous, with one clear party having committed a negligent act.

In all cases, one thing is for sure: determining fault will always depend on the individual facts of the accident. For that reason, it’s impossible to say who could be at fault if a bike hits a car without first considering the accident at hand. 

Although the cyclist could be at fault, if the driver of the car made a reckless move that led to the collision, they could still be held liable for the cyclist’s damages. From a legal point of view, cyclists are also bound to the rules of the road, however—meaning that they can also suffer the consequences of breaking them. 

For this reason, most claimants who’ve been injured in an accident involving a bike and a car will consult a personal injury lawyer who can help them understand the dimension of the case. 

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