Paradise Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can have serious consequences for you and your loved ones. Between medical bills, pain and suffering, and the knowledge that somebody else is responsible for your accident, you might feel overwhelmed.

A civil lawsuit could be key for helping take back control of your situation. A Paradise car accident lawyer could help you win a much-needed financial settlement. 

Common Paradise Car Accident Injuries 

Most of us drive every day. Sometimes we fail to consider the consequences of an accident until after it’s happened to us. When another’s negligent driving is the cause of your Paradise car accident, that knowledge can be devastating enough—but then there are medical bills and other new expenses that need covering. 

A financial settlement can help you cover some of these expenses, while also allowing you to collect for other damages, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional turmoil. 

Although there is no strict definition, many car accident victims who’ve suffered one or more of the following injuries may file a personal injury claim:

The value of some damages can be easier to calculate than others. For example, figuring out the value of your medical bills is a simple question of examining your medical records and bills. But if your injury is severe enough to prevent you from ever returning to work, what is the value of your economic losses?

An insurance adjuster may try to settle your case out of court with a lowball offer. Most settlements can be increased by negotiating, which is why most Paradise car accident victims retain the services of an experienced car accident lawyer for their personal injury claim. 

Timeline for Filing a Paradise Car Accident Claim

The statute of limitations places a deadline on the filing of a lawsuit according to how much time has passed since the date of your Paradise car accident. In Nevada, the deadline to file a personal injury claim is generally two years. This means that most legal action taken after the two years have passed will be thrown out. 

If this sounds like a lot of time, keep in mind that filing a car accident claim takes time. If you elect to represent yourself, you must investigate your case, gather evidence, and file the correct paperwork on time. Alternatively, an attorney in Paradise can help walk you through the process, saving you the stress and increasing your chances of collecting the settlement you deserve. 

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Most insurance adjusters are allowed to offer only a percentage of the total settlement value in their initial offer, but an experienced lawyer can help you negotiate a fair deal. The car accident lawyers at Adam Smith Law are trusted in Paradise to handle even the most complex car accident litigation and can help you come out on top. 

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