North Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of a North Las Vegas car accident can be overwhelming. Dealing with physical and emotional distress, medical bills, and insurance claims can be tough. 

Car accidents are traumatic experiences. This is especially true if the accident wasn’t your fault. If you’re considering lodging a complaint to help pay for your accident-related expenses, a North Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help.

Common Car Accident Causes

When considering car accident categories, there are basically two big groups: accidents caused by driver error, and accidents beyond a driver’s control, such as the weather. A few of the most common causes for driver error include:

Of course, there are plenty of North Las Vegas car accidents wherein driver error leads to a collision with a stationary object, a pedestrian, or even a rollover incident. The majority of accidents, however, occur between two vehicles.

If your accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be able to receive compensation through a personal injury claim for the damage done to your car or person.

Proving Fault for Your North Las Vegas Car Accident Claim

As determined by its laws, Nevada is a fault state, which means the person deemed at fault for your accident will be responsible for paying damages through their insurance provider.

When establishing fault, you must build a solid case to get the other driver’s insurance company to pay. Any sort of evidence corroborating your case can be helpful, including:

  • Police reports and witness statements
  • A driver’s self-admission of fault following the accident
  • The other driver’s speed
  • A medical report documenting your injuries

A medical report can be crucial, as taking time off work or school to see a doctor proves to the insurance company that your injuries are serious.

Filing a Claim for Your North Las Vegas Car Accident

After your accident, you’ll have to choose between initiating a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit for your property damage and injuries.

Keep in mind that Nevada practices comparative negligence, which means your total compensation could decrease depending on the responsibility you might bear for the accident.

Typically, filing a lawsuit tends to increase the amount of your overall compensation, as the at-fault driver’s insurance company will be forced to the negotiation table. Depending on the facts of your case, working with a North Las Vegas Accident Lawyer can help you walk away with the highest settlement possible.

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