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Surviving sexual abuse is a harrowing journey. If you’re considering seeking compensation for sexual abuse, a Las Vegas lawyer wants to help. 

Sexual abuse victims could be entitled to compensation from their abusers in the form of economic damages. When you’ve gone through the unimaginable, a Las Vegas sexual abuse lawyer can help ensure justice is done. 

Differences Between a Sexual Assault Lawsuit and Criminal Trial

Although a criminal trial is a legal action from the state against an alleged rapist or sexual abuser, a civil lawsuit can allow victims of sexual assault to take direct action against the perpetrators for specific damages. As a victim of sexual assault, you are well within your right to sue the responsible individual for damages related to these and more:

  • Battery – Battery is a civil complaint that doesn’t dispute whether rape or penetrative sexual assault actually took place. Instead, it allows victims of sexual assault to sue their assailants for any unwanted touching, such as groping, choking, or restraining, that occurred. 
  • False Imprisonment – This refers to the physical restraint or confinement of a victim without their consent. In cases of rape and sexual assault, often victims are restrained and held against their will, which means they could sue for false imprisonment. 
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional DistressIt goes without saying that victims are subjected to considerable amounts of emotional and psychological distress related to their assault. As such, victims can sue their aggressors for these damages.

Proving these damages can often be difficult for victims of sexual assault. In terms of evidence, victims can present things such as text messages, photos and videos, eyewitnesses, and medical records to build their Las Vegas case. 

One advantage that victims have in these cases is a lower burden of proof; civil plaintiffs need only establish doubt by a preponderance of evidence, whereas a criminal conviction requires the evidence to prove the crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Considerations for Your Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Las Vegas

Filing a lawsuit for your sexual assault can help you recover damages for things such as:

  • Medical bills, including those related to psychological support 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income, say if your suffering led to time off work
  • Legal fees

One important consideration is the statute of limitations on taking action for sexual assault. In Las Vegas, adult victims have two years to file from the date of their assaults, whereas child victims have twenty years from the date of their eighteenth birthday or potentially even longer. 

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No lawsuit can ever fully take away the pain you’ve suffered as a survivor of rape or sexual assault. At Adam Smith Law, we fight for the rights of survivors to pursue justice in a civil trial, and we can help you, too. 

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