Las Vegas Boating Accident Lawyer

Boating is a favorite summer pastime for families and friends alike. Holiday weekends on the lake can become dangerous, however, when traffic is high and people are celebrating.

Boating is a common pastime for residents of Las Vegas, and attractions such as Lake Mead National Recreation Area can attract crowds of enthusiastic boaters, especially on holiday weekends in the summer. 

A boating accident can have catastrophic consequences for you and your loved ones. If you’ve been injured by another’s negligence, a Las Vegas Boating Accident Lawyer can help. 

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Las Vegas 

Although most boaters have the requisite training and exercise caution on the water, one mishap could have disastrous consequences for you and your loved ones. Driving a boat can be dangerous: Boats follow a looser set of procedures than cars, for example, which always drive inside the lines on the right side of the road. It’s easy for a distracted boater to make a mistake. 

Among the top causes for boating accidents in Nevada, these stand out:

  • Distracted operation — Boaters can make the mistake of socializing with friends instead of watching for potential hazards. Sometimes, a driver can become too focused on a secondary task, such as towing a water skier, leading to a crash. 
  • Boating while intoxicatedIt’s no secret that partying takes place on boats in the summer. The problem is when the driver also partakes. Boating while intoxicated is especially dangerous on crowded lakes or lakes with rough water. 
  • Inexperienced boating — It can take years to build up the skills needed to boat safely. When an inexperienced boater jeopardizes the safety of others, an accident can be the result. 
  • Failure to follow rules — Boating has a specific set of rules that govern the way boats operate on the waters. When failing to observe these rules leads to an accident, you might have a case. 

Regardless of the cause of your boating accident, speaking to a Las Vegas boating accident attorney can help you seek justice through a personal injury claim.

Recovering Damages for a Boating Accident in Las Vegas

Civil law allows for the recovery of damages in personal injury cases through lawsuits. When you sue an at-fault boater, you might be able to receive compensation for a variety of damages through their insurance provider, including: 

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to property
  • Emotional losses, such as pain and suffering

Often, it can be difficult to come to a full understanding of the damages we’ve sustained following an accident. Regardless of the nature of your accident, work with your doctor and a Las Vegas boat accident attorney to put a fair figure on your damages. 

Contact a Las Vegas Boat Accident Lawyer 

The consequences of a boating accident can be drastic, both physically and emotionally. If you’ve suffered injuries from someone else’s negligence, you’ll need a robust personal injury claim to make things right. Adam Smith Law has the know-how to fight for injured Las Vegas residents, and can help you earn the settlement you deserve. 

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