How Much Can I Expect for My Neck and Back Injuries After a Las Vegas Car Accident?

Neck and back injuries are very common in in motor vehicle accidents and, depending on the severity and type of injury, are some of the most painful and debilitating injuries. The seriousness of neck and back injuries can vary from relatively minor strains and sprains to life-threatening and permanently disabling spinal cord injury.

The insurance company will try to play your injury off as minor or as being caused by something other than the accident. While there are many variables that determine the value of your claim, one factor is certain. Your chance of receiving the full amount you need and deserve is greatly increased when you are represented by an experienced and highly skilled car accident attorney.

Severity of Neck and Back Injuries

Even a minor neck or back injury can be painful and debilitating. And a spinal cord injury can have lifetime costs in the millions of dollars. The value of your claim is calculated in both economic and noneconomic damages.

The economic damages are those tied to specific dollar amounts such as your medical expenses, lost income and the costs associated with your injuries such as home modifications and hired help that you now require. Economic damages include the costs and losses you have already incurred and your future costs and losses.

Noneconomic damages are just as important and involve the aspects of life that are most important to you. Your physical pain and suffering falls under noneconomic damages, but so do the impacts on your life such as the inability to do the things you used to enjoy like playing with your kids or pursuing recreational activities. Serious injuries can affect your relationships and your spouse may also have a claim for los of consortium.

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